Carl Ward

Body Coach


Personal Trainer, natural bodybuilder and former physical Training Instructor for Britain’s Elite Parachute Regiment. Carl has been involved in physical training for the past 16 years and has developed a career around what he’s most passionate about. From endurance to strength building and fat loss to muscle development he has proven his abilities by installing all his knowledge plus commitment to ensure all those that work with him succeed.

Here’s a brief look at Carl and some of his achievements.

  • Trained Hundreds of individuals spanning over nearly 6 years of coaching and instructing.
  • Physical training instructor for one of the military’s hardest selection process…P Company (pre-parachute selection)
  • Scored 1 of the top 5 PTI’s (physical training instructors) from a course of 80+ individuals during Army PTI selection.
  • Physically prepare and condition Elite paratroopers for front line combat prior to deployment.
  • Completely transformed a vast amount of individuals with little or no training background.
  • Qualified for the British championships in natural bodybuilding.

Coaching has become such an important and huge part of Carl’s life and he finds nothing more satisfying than watching one of his clients transform into what they have always thought as impossible.

Helping people is the core reason why Carl is so devoted to his work and will continue to support anyone who wants their own guidance for many years to come.